Data Scientist + Viz Engineer


my story

I'm passionate about solving big problems in simple ways. In 2015, I realized that this passion, along with a relentless curiosity for the world around me, lent itself well to data science and viz, so I applied to Metis. After accepting a spot in Metis, I left my role at the time early to begin studying while on the trip of a lifetime: I visited 5 countries on 3 continents, crossed continental lines on ferries and visited Ha Long Bay (pictured above). This trip, as well as previous travels, influences my work as I am heavily interested in the impact of data science on a variety of cultures and countries. And coming from the perspective of an avid traveler, I love that data presents the opportunity to explore the unexplored, and learn new subjects every single day. 

I have also spent most of my life as a musician. My last project was as the lead singer, bassist and keyboardist for a signed, touring band. What I love about data science is that it provides a chance to flex the creative and collaborative skills I've developed through music and art to think big about projects and communicate them well. 

Into these things too? Let's connect! 🙌