Recent Talks and Resources

I have had the honor of presenting my Supreme Court project, as well as presenting on the impact of data science on law and government a few times throughout the fall and winter (Open Data Science Conference West, Women Who Code, and most recently Demystifying Deep Learning and AI). I am continually impressed by how much the data science community is interested in making positive social impacts and I look forward to expanding on these talks into the future.


I wanted to share a few resources for finding civic data online. I will be updating this list periodically as I find more resources. 

  1. -- general and science oriented

  2. -- census, social bureaus

  3. -- court documents

  4. Human Rights Data Analysis Group -- international data

  5. National Archives -- Military records, ancestry records

  6. American Presidency Project -- actions of presidents

Demystifying Deep Learning Talk

A number of people requested that I put the slides from my Demystifying Deep Learning presentation online. If you have any lingering questions, please reach out to me through the contact form.

To those who came here to learn: pay special attention to the slides explaining non-negative matrix factorization - understanding how algorithms like this produce their outputs will help immensely when learning how to produce good models. 

github repo for supreme court project

visualization -- please let me know if you use my code to visualize a new dataset, I'd love to see it!

Thank you! 🙌