Past Talks

Examining US law and politics with Natural Language Processing. Part theoretical discussion, part applied NLP project walk-through, this talk was meant to expose a European audience to both how data science can contribute to law and how to do a successful natural language processing project. 

Demystifying the Law with Data Science

Demystifying Deep Learning and AI, Oslo, Norway

June 14, 2017


Demystifying the Law with Data Science

Demystifying Deep Learning and AI, Oakland, CA

February 4, 2017

We know that the best policy is written based on data, but what about machine learning? In this talk, we examine a few machine learning projects that have made a big impact in the legal space.

Data Science and the Supreme court

Women Who Code, Mountain View, CA

December 1, 2016

How does Natural Language Processing work? In this talk, we walk through the process of natural language processing using my Supreme Court project. 

Data Science 101: my journey in data science

Open Data Science West, South Bay, CA

October 30, 2016

What is data science and how do I become a "Data Scientist"? In this talk, I supported my colleague Rumman Chowdhury's workshop on Data Science 101 with my own story. 

The (approachable) supreme court - lightning talk

Metis San Francisco

July 2, 2016

The impact of Supreme Court on the direction of our country is difficult to understand for the average American. In an attempt to close this gap, I completed a project topic modeling cases over time and created an interactive D3.js visualization for anyone with an interest and internet connection to explore. Presented as my capstone project for Metis in July 2016. 

Much time is spent on visualizing data, but what about an absence of data? In this talk I presented a handful of examples of an absence of data visualize right - and a handful of cases where it wasn't. 

zero: visualizing the absence of data - Lightning Talk

Metis San Francisco

May 2016

There is always a lot of speculation surrounding a nominee for Supreme Court justice and how they will tend to vote when they reach the court, but we don't know for sure until they reach the court. I wanted to study this concept with nominee Merrick Garland Obama's last nominee. In this talk, I clustered past justices based on their Opinions, and applied Garland's best known Opinions to the model, studying how language patterns compare. 

better know a justice (nominee) - lightning talk

Metis San Francisco

May 2016